10 Ways to Experience More Love in Your Life

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Many of us have been taught to be reserved and cautious when giving of ourselves. This message, over time, can result in feeling fearful of saying generous things to one another and, at times, these expressions can make us feel vulnerable. Yet, that fear cannot erase the fact that we all crave love. I speak not of purely romantic love, but of the love of another human in any capacity. One person at a time, and collectively, we can find our way through the obstacles that block us from showing love and that also blocks love from showing itself to us.

“Where there is love there is life.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

We all can develop a greater capacity to receive and to give love. There’s no denying it—we all need love in our lives. It makes everything so much more magical. If you are ready to let love flow in your life, try the below concepts.

10 Ways to Experience More Love in Your Life

  1. Open your heart to the idea of receiving, acknowledging and giving more love
  2. Be present in the moment
  3. Appreciate what you have
  4. Communicate clearly and warmly
  5. Give of yourself—be generous
  6. Consider the concept that things happen for a reason
  7. Embrace forgiveness
  8.  Love yourself by taking care of yourself
  9. Know that we are all essential in this orchestra of life
  10. Practice looking at challenging situations through loving eyes

Once you begin to embrace the idea that love is at the core of everything you do and you choose to approach everything with love, your life will begin to feel more purposeful.

This article is based on the “Love” section of My Spiritual Backpack: The Collection. For More information about this book click here.