5 Ways to Increase Happiness

Nancy RoseBlog

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happier and everything is right (or at least substantially better) when we approach life through a happy perspective.  We can manage more and make the most out of all situations.

We’ve all seen people who seem to master all situations, never losing their poise or pleasant disposition regardless of what is happening around them.  Have you ever wondered how they do that?  Well, I’m going to share 5 things that they likely do that help them succeed.  These are things that you should embrace today and actively pursue in your life.  They make a genuine difference in your happiness level.

  1. Appreciate the moment.
    Taking some time to savor the moment and appreciate it for what it is will lead to increased happiness.  It’s not always about what’s happening next or what happened yesterday.  Many times, it’s about appreciating the moment you are in. Example:  Enjoy your child’s birthday party for a celebration of where they are at now, letting go of the reminiscent thoughts of when they were younger.
  2. Be thankful for what you do have.
    There will always be people that have more than you, just as there will always be people that have less than you.  Your happiness factor isn’t based on the possessions you own, but appreciating what you do have. Example:  You get a new car and you wanted it—you really like it!  You don’t say to your friend with the more expensive car, “It’s not fancy like yours, but it will do.”
  3. Aspire for greater things.
    Remaining stagnant is a real happiness killer for people.  You can appreciate what you have and still aspire to do something more.  It doesn’t have to be work or money related, either.  It can be to help others, go back to school, or explore an activity that you always thought sounded interesting. Example:  If you think it would be great to try running a marathon, start training and keeping track of your results.  Acknowledge and embrace how this work will help you aspire to greater things—signing up for that marathon!  It’s not where you finish that is important, it’s that you took on the challenge and aspired for something.
  4. Give of yourself to others.
    Volunteering really is as amazing for our own hearts and happiness as it is for those we help.  It means so much to everyone and is a way to really participate in something that brings about a sense of purpose and happiness. Example:  Volunteering your time or donating food to a food bank is an incredible way to bring other people dignity and lessen their fears about not having enough food, which, in turn, makes you feel good that you could help in some way.
  5. Have empathy.
    When others have bad things happen to them or unfortunate events, show empathy toward their situation instead of casting judgment.  This perspective will make you feel so much better and if it’s challenging to you, consider this question:  how would you want others to respond to you if you were in a similar situation? Example:  Someone accidentally hits a pedestrian in their car.  They were going a bit faster than they should.  Instead of becoming the judge and jury to their situation, consider what they might be going through.  They’re a decent person, running late that one day and in a hurry—in a second, everything changes.

The key to elevated happiness is to remember that our actions to all situations in our lives are in our control.  We have the ability to navigate our outcome.  Need some more help figuring it all out?

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