A Crack in the Cocoon

A Journey to Happiness

Nancy shares her struggles with how she found balance in her professional and personal life. She felt very powerless growing up because of her family’s limited financial means, which caused many emotional struggles that carried into her adult life. Because of this, Nancy dedicated most of her waking hours to her job in pursuit of financial security. This caused numerous struggles including how she lost precious, irreplaceable time with her family and friends, was physically unhealthy and gaining weight, was dissatisfied with the quality of her life, and so much more.

In this book, you’ll discover how Nancy overcame her obstacles. After her turning point, she realized that major changes had to be made. She set herself on a path where her priorities were to live a life that was more intentional and filled with happiness, peace, and purpose. And today, she lives a very conscious and empowered life; she changed from the inside out and this had a profound impact on her life. She discovered a deep sense of purpose, how to continually attract positive energy, how to experience authentic satisfaction, and a degree of peace that she had not previously known. Essentially Nancy is living in her greatness, and she can guide you to your greatness as well.

★★★★★ Review: “At first, I was just going to glance it over but I found myself getting into the story and it really helped me bring out some ideas on how I could move above and beyond that, mend my cocoon and be a better person for it. I’m excited for the journey and they say that realizing something is half the battle. So…I guess I’m half-way there.”
★★★★★ Review: “Again I thought, prove it. The author did just that with her personal examples of how her priorities shifted with her stretch of spiritual self. … The vibrant artwork that the author illustrated is an added bonus that made me want to be “open to for opportunities for growth”. As I continued to read, I began to realize all of the “mini-miracles” in my life.”

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Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose is a Transformational “Messenger” whose passion is to help people discover and live in their greatness.

Over the past several years, she has been on an intense personal quest of self-discovery. During that process, she has learned how to reinvent her life from one that was filled with overwhelming stress to a much more purposeful life filled with real happiness, peace and an abundance of love.