Health & Wellness

Essentials for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you tired a lot? Do you have a lot of aches and pains from built up stress? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time and energy to exercise and cook healthy? These are some of the many health issues that people struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

Having a healthy lifestyle is easier than you may think. In this book, you will discover simple changes that will make a big difference. Once you apply the processes in this book, you’ll be able to think more clearly; feel better; experience improved health and joy; have more energy, mobility, and strength; reduce your stress level; and take a more proactive approach to problem solving.

Health and Wellness lays the groundwork for you to add more exercise to your life, eat healthier, and get the rest you need. Balancing these three factors can create and maintain a stronger, healthier, and well-rested body allowing you to perform at a higher level. When you commit to a combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of rest, all three work together to help you achieve a more balanced and healthy life. The action steps in this book will empower you to make changes in your life today! Right here, right now. The author has also gathered a collection of quotes to inspire you while you are on your journey to greatness.

★★★★★ Review: “If you could see a photo of me “before” and “after” I read this book, you’d see that I’m now more energetic, have less stress, stand up taller, look more confident, and feel so much healthier. I used to feed off of stress and negativity, and this used to make me tired, lack energy, and unmotivated. Now after reading and applying information from this and many of the other books in this series, I am a changed woman and person. I have more energy, my self-confidence has improved, and I sleep better. The action steps and stories in this book hit home with me so they were easy to apply. I highly recommend this book to those of you that need a boost, a change, or a different approach.”
★★★★★ Review: “I used to lack energy and had a negative outlook on life, but not anymore. As the author stated “The action steps in this book will empower you to make changes in your life today!” These words couldn’t be more correct. I read the book twice already and will refer to it as many times as I need until I incorporate the rest of the suggestions. I’m making a few changes to my life each day and it improved my life drastically already. I now say, “Goodbye to tiredness and hello to energy!” Making improvements with exercise, sleep habits, and eating also helped me lose weight, feel happier and healthier, and enjoy day-to-day life more.”

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Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose is a Transformational “Messenger” whose passion is to help people discover and live in their greatness.

Over the past several years, she has been on an intense personal quest of self-discovery. During that process, she has learned how to reinvent her life from one that was filled with overwhelming stress to a much more purposeful life filled with real happiness, peace and an abundance of love.