How to be a Better Person

Nancy RoseBlog

We all want happiness, both for ourselves and for others, too.  Why?  Because happiness feels good and the thought of others experiencing it feels great.  There are endless ideas out there, each based on individual perception, of what will make us truly happy.  You may be surprised to find out that happiness involves more than the job we have, the income we earn, or even our family.  The best way to increase happiness is to become a better person.  Here are some great ideas on how you can achieve this.

  • Volunteer.
    Volunteering feels great and it a wonderful way to realize how you can use your gifts, time, and abilities to help other people, or animals.
  • Pay it forward. 
    Doing something good and unexpected is a wonderful feeling.  Knowing that someone else is going to get an unexpected surprise that they will appreciate is wonderful, making you feel better, too.  Also, you’ll truly understand how “a little thing can go a long way.”
  • Be alert to your surroundings.
    There are small, simple things you can do to be a better person, such as smiling and making eye contact when you are shopping, holding the door open for someone, and saying a friendly “hello.”
  • Take a breath and relax.
    Not making that green light is not the end of the world or cause to make your day be less than what it can be.  Taking an extra five minutes to do something nice for a person in need is always going to be more energizing and rejuvenating than taxing on you.

Think about all these things as you go through your day.  I guarantee that you will have an opportunity to implement at least one of them and by doing so you’ll be so happy that you did.  You’ll feel great!