How to Be Happy Alone

Nancy RoseBlog

We are meant to interact with each other; however, we are also meant to be alone at times, too.  So many people feel that their life is not complete when they are alone.  There are even individuals who are bothered by a few hours of “quiet time.”  It’s so important to not be one of those people, and to find that place of joy that exists within you, and be content with being alone.  The more you become that way (if you are not that way now), the easier it is to experience genuine happiness, and that will help guide you to amazing things, such as new opportunities, and even that other person that gets you and accepts you just the way you are.

Here are some steps you can take—starting today—to understand what you must do to accept that you can be happy alone.  Each person’s journey will be different, but the questions to guide you are universal.

What do you fear most about being alone?
Our fears are so powerful until we stand up to them.  It is only then that they are something we can work with, and adjust.  It’s our free will that allows fears to exist, and it also grants us permission to remove them.  Acknowledge what you are fearful of, and start thinking of ways to diffuse that fear, and to grow comfortable with the knowledge that “I can be happy alone.”

What are things that I enjoy doing, in which I don’t need others around to experience?
Doing things that we enjoy is a sure way to bring happiness to our hearts, and contentment to our mind.  Most of us have something that we enjoy doing alone, regardless of what our personality is.  Find yours!  Maybe it is:  running, crafting, reading, learning, drawing, writing, meditating.  What do you enjoy?

What do you think about silence?
For some people, silence is deafening, and for others it is complete bliss.  It really depends on the chaos and commotion you have throughout your day.  The more you understand your perception of silence, the easier it is to find happiness in being alone.  If you like sound, put on music that suits your mood, and indulge in it.  If you are stressed, put on calming music.  If you are sad, put on something inspirational.  If you are feeling a bit wild, put on your favorite songs from your life thus far, and sing and dance away.  On the other hand, if you need to shut down the noise in your mind, go for silence, and just breathe in, or do something that brings you relaxation—maybe a warm bubble bath.

Through knowing ourselves, and loving ourselves, we can find great joy in life, and opportunities to experience happiness, regardless if we are alone or with someone.  Learn more about this powerful ability to be more aware at