How to Relieve Stress: “Let it Go”

Nancy RoseBlog

Journaling is such an incredible gift to give ourselves.  It is the portal that grants us insight to what we are truly thinking or feeling, and helps us process that information to make changes that really help us accept, forgive, and prosper.


There are three ways that we can journal.  They are:

1)      Hand writing in a journal book.  Journaling books can be purchased, and they can help give you some guidance, but any notebook will suffice.

2)      Using a computer to type our thoughts and emotions in a document.  This is a way to journal without having clutter, or giving others access to your thoughts, if that is a concern you have.

3)      Journaling through an online journal, such as:  Penzu, LDS Journal, or My Union Journal.  There are many options out there.  Investigate and choose the one that feels right for you.


There is no way to do this that is better than the other, but I do recommend that someone who works behind a computer all day consider hand writing in a journal book.  Give your eyes a rest from the electronics, which may very well be a part of what has you stressed out.


What should journaling do?

The purpose of journaling is to help you become more aware of everything in your life, including events that bring out the full array of emotions that we all have.  Working through our thoughts helps to address what we cannot change, what we can change, and what we have to be thankful for.  Some great ideas to journal about are:

  • Your innermost thoughts about events that happen in your life.  Remember, this is a place to be completely honest.  Do not be judgmental of your own thoughts because they are valid.
  • Quotes, books, and movies that inspire you.  There are often great lessons, as well as great ideas, that come with books and movies.  Take advantage of them by writing them down.  It will cement them in your mind.
  • Goals you wish to achieve.  What do you want to do?  What are your ideas for going about it?  Journaling is an action step, and often the start of putting a plan into motion.
  • Little joys in your life, and what you are grateful for.   This could be something funny a friend said, the sweet hug you got out of nowhere from your child or spouse, or even your favorite meal; maybe that ten minutes alone with no noise whatsoever—complete bliss.  There is joy in many things.  We just have to look for it.
  • Places you have visited or would like to go.  Dream big and bold!  Reflect on what you loved about certain places.
  • Boundaries.  Acknowledge what is acceptable, and what you do not wish to repeat.  Know your limits while exploring your possibilities.


Start journaling today.  What you feel has value.  Visit to find out how to create a shift in your life that will leave you more fulfilled, happy, and appreciative.