Increase Positive Energy

Nancy RoseBlog

We are all energy and everything we do uses our energy in some way. How we choose to use our energy is directly linked to the results that we will get. That is why it is important for us to focus on:

  • Ways to use the energy around us in a positive manner
  • Casting out favorable energy from our thoughts and actions
  • Finding ways to keep ourselves fueled with energy that is productive, and good for all of us.

Many of us haven’t paid close enough attention to our energy and how we expel it, which usually leads to situations that we do not want to be in. You see, energy provides us with direction and guidance, taking us to a place of enlightenment and growth, or darkness. It’s not just about having enough gumption to make it through our day. Today is a very special day for you. I want you to choose the light and gain strength to travel in a good direction through your use of the energy that is all around you, and in you. Call it positive energy if you wish, just call it!

Assess your energy
It’s important to know where you are starting at with your energy level. Ask yourself these questions, and be forthright. If you veer toward the negative, be happy that it is drawing to a close.

  • How do you feel?
  • Do you see a pattern with this feeling that is dependent on the time of day, month, or some other variable?
  • Think about the energy you are sending and receiving right now. Is it positive or negative?

Find the blend of the best ways to create positive energy in you, and around you
There are several great ways to raise your positive energy level, and while this blog doesn’t cover them in great detail, it will give you an overview so you can research the ways that are best for you, and the most inviting.

  • Vibrational frequency: Our vibrational frequency is the awareness of what we are casting out into the universe that is negative, compared to what is positive. Our energy is like a magnet, disburse negative thoughts and you’ll draw negative energy. That is why it’s time for you to cast out positive thoughts!
  • Earthing: Earthing is really fascinating. In short, it’s our body’s connection to the earth around us, unimpeded by electronics and other barriers that stop us from having a true connection with the earth.
  • Meditation: This is the easiest for most, but it’s a wise idea to research the best meditations that will help you create more positive energy within you.
  • Let it go: Wu Wei is the metaphysical name for this concept. It has to do with not holding on to things that you cannot change. If something bad happens, you don’t focus on that (it’s negative), you focus on the solutions that are within your control.

Raising our internal energy level is so liberating, and wonderful. It makes us happier, our quality of life skyrockets, and we gain control.