Thoughtful Gift Giving

Nancy RoseBlog

It is always wonderful to receive an amazing gift.  When we were little children, we associate size and cost with the value of a gift.  Then we get older, and definitely wiser, and realize that the most precious gifts we can give to others do not have to cost a lot to mean more.  We realize that we don’t need to create financial stress by overspending because we have so much more to offer when we give something from the heart, which is something with lasting value.

I am so excited to share some of the most special gifts that you can offer those you love, and others you want to give something heartfelt to.  These gifts are not dust collectors; they are inspirational, fun, and distinct.

The Gift of Inspiration:
Quotes and sayings that help people conquer their greatest challenges on a daily basis, or offer a simple reminder of how special they are, are amazing gifts, and very affordable.  Look for plaques, small books, or even create it yourself and frame it.  The options are endless!

The Gift of a Meal:
Amazing meals don’t have to cost a lot, and they can taste wonderful.  Think of how fun and special it is to make a meal for someone, and then enjoy their amazing company with it.  Great memories are guaranteed, and you’ll almost always hear, “This was nice.  We should do this again.” It’s also great during the holidays to bake small individual loaves of different quick breads.  These make great gifts, or are nice to have on hand for an unexpected gift need.

The Gift of Time:
The gift of time is something that is easily cherished, especially if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is getting older.  Block out an afternoon where you can enjoy someone’s company, learn stories from their past, and really connect with them.  Everyone does matter, and the gift of time is evidence of that.

The Gift of Books:
Small books filled with inspiration are readily available, and they are also available in an e-format for those who have gone digital.  They cost little, and can offer great bits of wisdom and information that are helpful.  When you fill out the card, make sure you share why you think the book you chose might be special to them.

Depending on your talents and skills, you may have the perfect idea of a gift that means more and costs less.  Scrap bookers have a real edge in this department because they know how to do something amazing with just a few supplies!  Tap into your gifts, and figure out how to turn them into gifts that will not lead to financial stress, but will lead to special memories!  Find out how to tap into your gifts by visiting