Ways to Relieve Stress: Focus on What Brings You the Most Joy

Nancy RoseBlog

Depending where you are in life, your natural tendency may be to spend a lot of time focusing on what brings you anxiety.  Today, you are going to focus on what brings you the most joy, and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy the journey!  It’s a wonderful feeling, providing contentment and happiness and appreciation for the amazing things in your life.

We all receive joy from different things.  You may know exactly what brings you joy, or you may be searching to find it.  I want to share with you some of the most rewarding things that bring me joy.  These are all things I don’t have to go out and find either.  They are in front of me, waiting for me to notice.

  • A wonderful meal.  Eating a home cooked meal that is made with ingredients that are good for me makes me feel so happy.
  • A warm shower.  A nice, warm shower that releases any tension I may have in my body, and reminds me of how nice it is to have such a luxury is fantastic.
  • A nap.  If I get the chance to take a small catnap, even 15 minutes, I feel great afterward.  It’s a special treat that recharges me, and I definitely appreciate it.
  • Time with family.  I’m not talking about hustling around from activity to activity, or making sure homework and chores are done.  I mean taking some time to have a conversation, play a family game, or eat dinner together.  Talking with your family is a perfect time to learn, love, and listen.  That brings me so much joy!
  • Give a sincere compliment.  Complimenting others makes me feel great, and I know I’m not the only one.  This is something that all people have in common.  It brings joy to make others see something good about themselves.

You may have something else that you see in front of you that brings you joy.  That’s wonderful, and I am so happy that you realize it.  Finding and spreading joy is a core message that we feel strongly about at www.LeadingTheSpirit.com, and helping you find yours feels wonderful.