What is Work Life Balance? 7 Health Tips to Keep and Restore the Balance

Nancy RoseBlog

Taking care of ourselves is a huge contributing factor to maintaining work life balance.  Our health is everything, and it is so impactful.  If we aren’t at our best, often times our ability to offer our best is compromised.  One day can be managed, but when those days turn into weeks and months, that’s when we really need to take a step back and evaluate where we are.

How would you assess your health today?  If you cringed at the question that means you are likely acknowledging that you could do better.  Here are 7 great things you can start doing better today so you can experience more energy, happiness, and in-the-present moments at home, and at work.

If you have a desk job, try to move your body at least once an hour.  We are meant to be mobile, and even five minutes of rolling our shoulders or stretching out can feel wonderful.  The same goes for at home, don’t just sink into your couch and not move.

Think about what you are eating, and when.   Whether at work or home, if you are running low on fuel, consider something healthier than caffeine or sugar.  They will give you a burst of energy, but you will crash and burn later, making it even tougher on yourself.  Have healthy snacks at work, and at home.  You’ll be so happy to get into this habit!

Get enough sleep at night.  This wonderful habit will happen if you take steps to address stress so it isn’t consuming you. Don’t eat or drink any stimulants close to bedtime, and create a routine which includes going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning.

Exercise every day.  Daily exercise is important, and we all have something physical that we like to do (or can at least tolerate).  Make sure you do it.  A helpful hint:  most people are better at exercising in the morning because things happen throughout the day, or we lose track of time, and eventually we run out of it.

Meditate and use breathing exercises.  The wonderful thing about meditation and breathing exercises is that they do not have to take a long time to do.  The benefits can last you a lifetime, though.  They help open up the body’s channels for healthier eliminations, reducing stress, oxygenating the body, and calming us.

Eat a healthier, balanced meal.  It’s hard to cook healthy when you’re busy and the thought of going through a drive-thru or ordering a pizza seems more appealing.  With a bit of planning, it can be done.   Make a commitment to eating healthier for one week, and I assure you, you will be able to feel the difference, and you’ll love it.  What we eat is a matter of habit, and often our cravings.  We can crave healthier foods if we make it a habit to start buying them, and eating them, of course!

Take time for yourself.  Everyone needs time to themselves to diffuse, energize, or just take a moment to recoup after a tough day.  Use your lunch breaks at work to get this, if necessary, and tell your family that you love them so much, that is why you are going to go into the bedroom, shut the door for five or ten minutes, and then you’ll be out with a smile on your face.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that sleep is the only alone time you will get.

A healthy you is a beautiful you.  Embrace your health because it is so important, and it helps your body—your vessel for making it through this wonderful life—be better for you.  At  www.LeadingTheSpirit.com we love to help people find the solutions that bring them a truly abundant life.