What is Work Life Balance? 7 Tips to Creating More Balance in Your Life

Nancy RoseBlog

When you find that balance between work life and home, you are uncovering that “sweet spot” that you know is right for you.  It puts everything into perspective, and lets you know that you can do anything you want to if you connect with what’s important, and allow the “littler things” to not become priorities.  I’m so excited to share these 7 tips with you, and I feel confident that they can help you experience a bit more bliss through balance.

  1. Identify your version of work life balance.
    Think about what you feel is ideal for you in your career.  What do you want to achieve, and why?  The more you know this, the easier it is to create action steps, which will help you achieve your end goal with a bit less stress and a bit more joy.  It always helps to define what you want or expect.  How else do you know how to go about creating goals to achieve it?
  2. Do your research.
    This is particularly important if you are considering going into a different career field, or have aspirations to move into management or an executive position.  You have to know what positions entail, and what is expected of people in those positions.  For example, if you want a sales job where you have to travel a lot, but you are a single parent, you must determine if that will really work.
  3. Find a mentor.
    Mentors are so meaningful for two reasons:  they are willing to give their time to you, and they have traveled a journey that you want to embark on.  Their experiences are valuable, and they can give you wonderful insight on what you can do to improve your skills to achieve your workplace goals, or help you see your strengths and how to use them best.
  4. Talk to your employer.
    If you have something you wish to achieve career-wise, let it be known.  Finding out information on what you can do to strengthen your position, and achieve your goals is a smart move.  Employers like to see motivated, committed employees.  It’s as good for them as it is for you.  Plus, your name will slowly rise up the consideration list for advancements if they know that is something you are interested in.
  5. Build your network.
    Meeting new people is a wonderful way to remain motivated, and learn about new ideas and concepts that may be beneficial to you.  Plus, the more people you know, the more opportunities you will receive.
  6. Talk to people.  
    We can learn so much through our interactions.  Look around you at the workplace, and see what other women are there that appear to have found that balance that you desire in your life—the one that gives you a career you love without having to sacrifice anything in your home life.  Ask them questions, and let them know you’ve noticed how well they deal with everything.
  7. Help others.
    As you learn the secrets of building an amazing career, while maintaining the balance that is necessary for your sanity, help others.  If you see someone struggling, offer a hand, or at least some words of wisdom.  Give them a gentle reminder that it will be okay.  Just breathe.

Focusing on what we want in our work life, and learning ways to achieve it by taking the steps that others have successfully taken before is an incredible way to find balance, and excitement about your career.  It doesn’t have to be at odds with your home life.  Realize more ways to help you succeed at  www.LeadingTheSpirit.com.