Work Life Balance: Making More Time for Your Children

Nancy RoseBlog

Our children motivate us to do a great many things because we love them so much.  We put up with more at work than we might normally because we know that there are certain aspirations that we have for them that will cost money.  We run them around to activity after activity because we want them to experience great things, and grow in a positive manner from those activities.  When they are sick, we embrace our children and wish with all our heart that we could take their sickness away.  Really, we would do anything for our children.  Oddly enough, many times we do more for them than what they may require.  You see, there’s only one thing that most children really want from us, and that is to spend more time with us.

Would you love to spend more quality time with your child?  Here are some great ways to do that, and they can be achieved by even the busiest parent.

  • Lie in bed with them and talk for a few minutes about the day, share a story, or tell a silly joke.  Make that connection, and feel the joy that comes with it.
  • Let them help you cook dinner. If you’re in a hurry, this can be tough, but kids are usually pretty fascinated with the kitchen.  Show them the things they can do to help you make dinner.  This is also an excellent way to teach children about healthy eating.
  • Ask your child to teach you something that you don’t know.  Our kids love a great many things, and we don’t always know a lot about them.  If you ask a child to teach you something, whether it’s a board game or maybe that video game they love, they’ll be excited to spend time with you, and show you what they know.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to love the game—it’s the time with your child that matters!
  • Go for a walk together.  Walking is a wonderful way to have great conversations, or just connect through nature.  There doesn’t have to be any electronics, and you will feel a natural connection of joy.
  • Go on a picnic.  A fun picnic to an interesting place is always a great way to have a good time with kids of any age.  Even if they are older and resist at first, it usually turns out to be “pretty cool.”

Any quality time with children is cherished, and making the most of our moments with them is delightful.